Remodeling Your Acworth Bathroom Into Your Utopia

Remodeling Your Acworth Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are tricky, like trying to pack for a week trip with only one small suitcase. Everything you need has to fit into a small space, and bathrooms are usually on the smaller side.

This is why it’s smart to go into a bathroom remodel with a plan:

Then all you’ll need is a contractor who can give you an awesome experience and an incredible bathroom. First, let’s see what the average cost of remodeling a bathroom is.

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Bathroom remodel with white walls, black & blue walk in shower, and more space

How Much It Costs To Remodel A Bathroom In Acworth, GA

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for bathroom remodeling is around $10,000. For Acworth and the surrounding area, the cost isn’t that easy.

Updating the essentials in a bathroom can cost anywhere from $3,500-7,000. 

If you’re remodeling the master bathroom that cost can start at $13,000.

Raising the cost of a bathroom remodel is easy because the upgrades can be really nice. If you want to remodel a bathroom on a budget:

  • Keep the layout the same
  • Don’t add square footage
  • Keep the plumbing & electrical the same
  • Don’t buy new fixtures
  • Keep the same appliances

In the end, what most people want is a bathroom where they can escape for a while. If cost is an issue you can always remodel in segments to spread it out. It really depends on how much remodeling you do and the materials you choose.

Woman and contractor discussing plan details

11 Steps To Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling your whole bathroom can be a big project. It can include the walls, floor, bathtub/shower, and sink.

Let’s not focus on each section here. Instead,  here is an overview of the bathroom remodeling process:

  1. Choose Your Design
    • fixtures
    • color scheme
    • layout
    • storage space (more is better)
  2. Buy Tools & Materials
    •  safety mask, gloves, utility knife, cordless drill, wrench, silicone sealant, hammer, tape measure, pry bar, bucket, stud finder, chisel, spackle and spackle knife, flathead screwdriver, caulking gun, hacksaw, and a wet-dry Shop-Vac.
  3. Remove Your Current Fixtures
    • cover the bathtub and remove the flooring down to the studs
    • drain and remove the toilet
    • remove any other fixtures you’re replacing
    • remove insulation using your gloves, mask, and goggles
  4. Install Your New Shower/Bathtub Basin
  5. Put In Any Other Features
  6. Install Your New Flooring
  7. Hang Drywall
  8. Start Painting
  9. Put In Vanities & Cabinets
  10. Add Toilet
  11. Complete The Finishing Touches

Now you can enjoy one of the best bathrooms in Acworth – yours. 

Bathroom remodel with walk in shower
Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Ideas For Remodeling A Bathroom

The Best Bathroom Flooring

What sets apart bathroom flooring from most others in the house: waterproofing. Whatever flooring you choose it needs to be waterproof. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for repairs than it was to install it.

The best type of flooring for bathrooms is tile. The best bathroom floor tiles are porcelain due to their lower water absorption rate, meaning it damages less easily. Porcelain may cost more but it’s durable and looks great.

As far as the best bathroom flooring goes in general, the better options for any type are:

  • Textured to reduce slipperiness
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

A few other good options include vinyl, natural stone, and cork.

Porcelain tile floor in bathroom

The Best Bathroom Paint

Bathroom specific paint is designed to withstand the high heat and moisture in bathrooms. This makes them less likely to peel, crack, or become mildewy. 

Bathroom specific paint is any type of paint that:

  • Is mildew resistant
  • Has a tougher finish
  • Is tighter in structure

But you don’t have to only use paint. You can also use tiles for the bottom half of the walls (using it on the entire wall it can overwhelm the room).

Bathroom specific paint works, but you need to apply it correctly.

Modern bathroom with stand alone bathtub, walk in shower, and natural stone

The Best Bathroom Paint Colors

A fresh coat of paint can make your bathroom look even more amazing. These colors and their various shades are trending for 2019:

  • Whites
  • Grays
  • Blues
  • Beiges
  • Black
  • Light/Mint Green
Dual sink remodel with granite countertops

The Best Bathroom Countertop Material

Natural stone like granite and marble are at the top. The characteristics that make them great choices for bathroom countertops are:

  • Their amazing look
  • Higher durability
  • Better resale value
  • Their uniqueness

You may, however, want to seal them to repel any grease. Quartz can be another great option because it is more durable and low-maintenance than natural stone.

If you’re bathroom remodeling on a budget, look at laminate countertops. They are more economical and can look like granite or other types of stone. It is also relatively durable.

Bathroom remodeled with white cabinets, walls, and a granite countertop

The Best Bathroom Cabinet Paint

The best paint for bathroom cabinets is one with:

  • Semi- or high gloss
  • Mildew resistance
  • High quality
  • Moisture resistant

As for the best color, white cabinets are the trend for 2019 bathrooms.

White cabinets with granite looking countertops

The Best Bathroom Fans

It depends on the size and your personal preference. To figure out the best fan for your bathroom, follow this formula:

Length x Width x .13 = CFM

CFM is cubic feet per minute, which gives the amount of air the fan moves. So an 8 x 11 x 8 bathroom x .13 = 91.5 CFM for your best fan. You can also get fans that are quieter and have a light installed in it.

You can learn more about bathroom fans.

The Best Brand Of Bathroom Fixtures

Quality bathroom fixtures are a must. What makes them so great are their durability, variety, reliability, and functionality. As for the actual brands, here are our top 3:

  1. American Standard
  2. Moen Wynford
  3. Delta
The best brands of bathroom fixtures, faucet

Remodeling Your Bathroom Can Be Fun!

Now is the time to create your bathroom escape. Since like most people you’ll be using it multiple times a day, make it your idea of perfection. That way you can feel proud every time you walk in.

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