Home upgrades that will not add value to your home

It can be challenging to decide what improvements will benefit your picket at the time of selling your home. I came across some valuable information posted on the Huffington Post that I wanted to share with all of you.

  1. Believe it or not, adding a pool to increase the value of your home is not the best idea. A pool comes with a lot of costs like maintenance and safety hazards. Although, depending on where you live, people will be more inclined to buy a home with a pool if the house is located in a warmer state, usually by the beach. Also, couples with young kids will be more likely to turn down a home because of the safety hazards.
  2. High-end designs may turn off buyers that may not have the same taste as you. At the time of buying a house, buyers will mention the costs they will have in order to change the extravagant changes you have made to the house. It is much easier to keep designs basic, so buyers can have a clean slate to work on as they buy.
  3. Every home owner has a different style and interests. This can become a problem when room conversions have been made to your house. One of the rooms might have been turned into a studio, or a wall may have been removed to make one of the rooms bigger than it had to be. While this might work in your favor according to your interest, this may not be appealing to buyers who are looking for a simple 2- bedroom or 3- bedroom home.
  4. You may think that adding more square footage to your home will increase its value, but that is not the case. Adding an extra bathroom, creating a sunroom, or even finishing the basement to create an extra living space can actually backfire. These renovations will most likely not interest buyers and will not increase the value of your home dramatically.
  5. Maxing out on renovations can alter the decisions of interested buyers when they begin to compare your home with others. You should take into consideration the neighborhood in which you live in. It is fine to have renovations here and there, but it is important to not go too far. A house that is too upgraded to belong in a certain neighborhood will most have a hard time finding buyers. One must take into consideration that buyers that are interested in that neighborhood will try to stay in the price range in which neighboring houses are.



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