Guide To Remodeling The Deck To Your Ideal Vision

Guide To Remodeling The Deck To Your Ideal Vision

Whether it falling apart or just needs a new look, your deck needs remodeling.

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that you deserve to have a beautiful deck. It should be a place where:

  • You can have your quiet time
  • Quality time is spent with family & friends
  • You can enjoy the beauty of your home and of nature

We know what it’s like to want this kind of space, only for it to fail the expectations. But, this is where remodeling can make a huge change. You can discover some of the changes right here by reading this post.

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Beautifully remodeled deck with chairs and table

The Costs For Remodeling A Deck

The cost for building or remodeling a deck in Acworth can start at $15 per square foot, including materials. More elaborate projects can start out at $35 per square foot and go up from there.

Of course, these prices aren’t set in stone. Some of what can affect the price are:

  • Materials you choose
  • Size of the deck
  • Site conditions (height, surrounding area, complications)
  • Additions
  • Permits
  • Removing old material

It can also vary depending on the contractor.

One good point to keep in mind is that cost isn’t always everything. More costly options can be better in terms of quality, durability, and overall look.

Beautiful deck with some shade from trees

7 Steps To Remodeling A Deck

Remodeling a deck is a big project, even for smaller ones. So much so that covering each detail in the process could be the length of the rest of this guide combined.

Since this is the case, we’d like to instead look at an overview of the deck remodeling process:

  1. Design Decisions
    • floorplan, type of wood, fixtures, furniture, etc
  2. Check For Permits
    • some additions may require permits
  3. Acquire Tools & Materials
    • safety equipment, basic tools, and power tools
  4. Remove Current Deck
    • strip nails and screws, pull up planking, remove railings
  5. Construct Your Chosen Floorplan
  6. Finish With Paint Or Stain
  7. Enjoy Your Newly Remodeled Deck
Deck extension doubling the space

Deck Remodeling Ideas

Paint It Don’t Stain It (Your Deck)

Paint for your deck comes with more options and is very trendy today. It can also better protect your deck and make it more slip-resistant.

You can learn more about painting options for your deck >>

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Deck

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Add Lighting

Increase the amount of time and ways you can enjoy your deck! Have a nice evening dinner or roast some late night s’mores under the stars.

You can further improve your deck with these 7 deck lighting ideas >>

Furniture Upgrade

There are many types and styles of outdoor furniture perfect for your Acworth deck. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they’re durable too!

Here are 15 amazing furniture styles for any deck >>

Change Railings

If your deck has railings it may be time for a change. Cable railings can give your deck a more contemporary look, or you can go with a different balustrade style.

Check out these images of deck balusters for some ideas >>

Second story deck with screened in area

Remodeling Your Deck Can Be Fun

You can create your ideal space when remodeling your deck. Make it bigger, smaller, change the shape, and craft your deck into the perfect space for you and yours.

We can remodel your deck together, try checking out our deck services page >>


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