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A new year means new resolutions and a new kitchen. 2018 is coming in full force bringing many new ideas to enhance your kitchen and with our help we can make that come true for you. From countertops to plants, a whole new redesigned kitchen that will make your kitchen the new hot topic everybody will be talking about.

You may be familiar with good old-fashioned granite countertops, believe it or not, according to Southern Living, granite is becoming less popular and it is being replaced with marble or quartz. While marble is more or less around the same price range as granite, quartz will be priced a tad bit more than granite and marble. According to Improvenet, the cost for marble countertops ranges from $40 – $100/sf while the cost for granite countertops ranges from $34 – $75/sf. Thus, you can easily upgrade your countertops just by spending a little bit more. Quartz is a bit pricier with a cost of $60 – $115/sf.

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It is very common to hear people talk about white kitchen counters and how they make the kitchen look and feel more spacious, yet people are feeling as though these all- white kitchens feel cold. This new year people are leaning more towards warmer colors instead of whites. These browns will create a warmer atmosphere for your kitchen. According to Zillow, metals and matte will surge at the start of this new year. For medium brown wood cabinets, a metal or matte handle or knob is the perfect combination to compliment those cabinets. These warmer colors can be combined with a dark or light countertop.

Many people don’t realize the impact plants play in the decoration of their homes. Not only do they bring color to a room, but they purify the air and even improve health. In the past year, cacti and succulents became very popular due to them not needing to be watered. Now, big leafy plants are in. These plants add color to any room, not just the kitchen. The only downside to this is they must be watered regularly, not just whenever one remembers to. They also need a certain amount of sunlight, there are plenty of options for kitchen plants that will enhance the look of your kitchen for a relatively cheap price.

Now, if all of this sounds overwhelming, don’t stress. There is plenty of changes you can make in order to improve the look of your kitchen without having to tear it down. You can add a little bit of color by simply painting the walls or the cabinets a different color. Also, changing the backsplash to something lighter and subtler will change the look of your kitchen tremendously. Even by simply decluttering your kitchen, it will make it aesthetically pleasing and make it more spacious.

A few simple changes can go a long way to create a space in which you will feel like home. Everything is possible with a little bit of imagination and the right people to guide you in the right direction of what you want to achieve for your home.


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