Outdoor color combinations

We all know how challenging it can be to decide what color to go with for the exterior of a home. I mean, it is the very first thing people notice. Coming up with the perfect combination of colors and textures is a job you can trust us with.

After reviewing Better Homes & Gardens, I came across a few different color combinations that will leave anyone that walks by speechless. Not only do these combinations create a flawless look, but they create a statement. Making your home unique in a way that can represent those who own it.

The first combination is Pearl Gray + Slate Blue + White. These colors create a peaceful look by incorporating mostly gray, adding the slate blue as a statement, and adding bright white to accent the details of the home.

Next, we have Cocoa + Olive + Off White + Russet. All these colors create a warm and homey feeling to any home. As mentioned in Better Homes & Gardens, “Choose light and dark shades of one or two nature-inspired neutrals to fashion an exterior that steps lightly on the landscape.” Adding a russet color to the front door or window frame will be a catch.

Popularly enough, Salmon + Jade + Rusty Brown are listed as well. The idea would be to paint the walls of a salmon color. This color radiates warmth and depending on the architecture of the house, it can give it an older look. Utilizing the rusty brown for the window frames and the jade for the shutters make an unforgettable contrast.

We all know you can never go wrong with a good White + Black + Gray combination. These colors may be safe, but they will make a house look simple yet classy. An all-white house will give any house a country feel. By adding some black to the shutters and gray to the stairs leading up to the house will make this a dream house. Something else to consider would be making the front door red, now this will definitely captivate all the neighbors.

There is truth in admitting that it is a difficult decision picking the right colors for your home. Whether you are trying to make small changes or big changes to the color of your house, we’ve got you covered. You can count on us to guide you in the right direction and help you decide what could look best depending on your interests.


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