3 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas Put Into Practice In Atlanta

3 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas Put Into Practice In Atlanta

Are you just about sick and tired of being sick and tired of your bathroom? You aren’t alone.

Many bathrooms slowly become less amazing as time goes on, whether it’s from wear and tear or the style isn’t ideal for you anymore.

Having a bathroom like this can be frustrating, as many of our previous clients know all too well.

It can also be embarrassing at times.

We don’t want anyone to feel this way about their home. You should love every part of it, especially the bathroom where you spend time preparing for the day or destressing from it.

You can stay ahead of the damages of time by remodeling your master bathroom!

We remodeled this bathroom in Atlanta using 3 main modern concepts for the floors, shower, and cabinets.

Let’s take a look!

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1. Remodeling The Master Bathroom Floors

You’ll want flooring that can stand up to moisture and look amazing doing so. Plus it’s nice if it has some grip to it so slipping is less likely.

That’s why we used this porcelain tile:

View of large shower and porcelain tile flooring that looks like hardwood

You’re probably thinking “that’s not tile, its hardwood floor with 2 lines of tile, what kind of mistake is this?”

Don’t worry, it’s not a mistake. Porcelain tile can be made to look almost exactly like hardwood, isn’t that amazing?! As you can see in the above picture, we made it so it looks like the tile from the shower makes two trails that lead from the shower to the cabinet area.

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Master bathroom cabinets remodel into European style Shaker cabinets

There is also a carpet in front of the mirror because porcelain isn’t the most comfortable material to stand on for a long time. It also helps add another dimension to the floor, further enhancing the awesome look.

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular choices for several reasons:

  1. A variety of styles and designs
  2. Moisture, stain, and damage resistant
  3. The grout lines provide grip for slip resistance

Now let’s see what master bathroom remodeling idea we have for the cabinets.

2. Remodeling The Master Bathroom Cabinets

You can modernize your bathroom with these European-style Shaker cabinets:

The European-style means there isn’t any space/border between the cabinets or between the drawers. Shaker is a type of cabinet that has an indented middle panel surrounded by a frame.

It takes its name from the Shaker religious order who brought the idea around. They focus on finding beauty in simplicity and function.

These cabinets have both of these qualities and they look amazing. What’s not to love?

But what about that shower?

3. Remodeling The Master Bathroom Shower

Your bathtub may be taken over by the shower as one of your master bathroom remodel ideas.

It’s happening in other ones right now.

Large shower designs are becoming ever more popular in households today and are slowly replacing bathtubs.

This shower is so long it has a small table/chair and even some decorations on the other side.

Large shower design concept for this master bathroom remodel idea
Large shower design concept for this master bathroom remodel idea

Do you see that square hanging from the ceiling in the shower? That’s the shower head.

It’s a rain shower head, i.e. when you shower it’s like you’re doing so in the rain. This is a really neat concept, but it works best when you have a handheld shower head too.

The walls and floors are tiles, providing an amazing look with durable material.

Makes us want to remodel our own master bathrooms.

What Will Your Master Bathroom Remodel Look Like?

You can stay ahead of time and damage by remodeling your master bathroom. Having a new bathroom can really help make a house feel more like a home, especially when it is your ideal look.

Did you like or get any ideas from this post? Let us know in the comments below!

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