Make Your Home Feel Like New

If you just underwent a renovation or even if you are just tired of your current home style, there are a few ways to make your home feel brand new that won’t hurt your wallet as bad as you would think.

Switch to hardwood floors. Wood floors can match any style and there are many choices to choose from. There is bamboo, engineered wood, and solid wood. Whatever you choose, these new floors will revive your whole house and create a new feel. If you are trying to make a smaller room look bigger, you will want to use thin boards.

If your walls are looking bland and boring, you can choose to add wood paneling. Wood paneling will add texture to create an accent wall. You can choose from many sizes and shapes to fit your style.

Add trim to your walls, doors, and even windows. Trims help transition areas of your home and transform a once unnoticed wall into an aesthetically pleasing pattern. You will want to also add baseboards to your floors if you are adding trim. If you are trying to make walls look taller or smaller, you will want to add crown molding to your ceilings and walls.

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