Kitchen Remodeling Acworth GA

Remodel Your Way To Your Ideal Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most popular areas in the house because food


Kitchen Remodeling Acworth GA

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Costs Of Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to the cost, choosing price over quality may not be the best option. Quality materials can give you the long-lasting, amazing looking kitchen you deserve.

As for an average price, HomeAdvisor estimates a national average of $12,000-$35,000. 

This average cost is just an average though. Prices do vary depending on variables like:

  • Your personal project’s goals
  • Your location (Atlanta’s average is $31,000)
  • Type of materials
  • Contractor
  • Overall design and layout
  • Brand of appliances

And the list goes on. It depends on how involved you want to be in the details of designing your new kitchen.

As for how much of your budget the different parts can make up, check out this breakdown:


Kitchen Renovations On A Budget

The remodeling process can be really exciting! Making all these cool new changes and upgrades sounds really fun, but fun things are usually expensive.

Kitchen remodeling is no exception.

So if you’re crafting your dream kitchen on a budget:

  • Remodel in stages
  • Don’t change the layout
  • Use stock models
  • Resist add-ons and fancy features
  • DIY the smaller parts

Kitchens can be more expensive to renovate, especially near big cities like Atlanta.

Now let’s look at how to plan your kitchen remodel in 5 steps!

Kitchen Remodeling Acworth GA

The 7 Steps To Planning A Kitchen Remodel

  1. Determine your goal
    • What do you do most in the kitchen?
    • What else happens in the kitchen besides cooking?
    • How can you design it to better serve your needs?
  2. Plan how much you want to spend
    •  You can remodel in stages or all at once
    • Add a 10% cushion for that “just in case” moment
  3.  Shop for products (you can hire a contractor at this stage who can help)
    • Cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash, lighting
    • Find the ones in your price range that belong in your perfect kitchen
  4. Plan the space
    • The ideal layout is the triangle: sink, refrigerator, and stove all in a triangle
      • this makes for less walking between the most used spaces
  5. Research and hire a remodeling contractor
    • Visit their websites and look for reviews
    • See who provides a good experience with their service
  6. Discuss the design and time frame
    • Are you leaning more towards custom or stock?
    • Ask if they set up a temporary kitchen for you
  7. Sign the contract
    • Make sure it includes: scope of work, responsibilities for both parties, cost estimate, and timeline

Here are some beautiful kitchen remodel ideas by Lowes >>

Modern style kitchen remodel

Best Materials For Kitchens

Ideas For Kitchen Flooring

Many kitchens have a type of tile flooring. Tile is durable, easy to clean, and can go with most decor. Adding some rugs can make it easier to stand on for long periods and add a splash of color to your floor.

You can learn more about flooring for your kitchen and home >>

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood is the best choice other than particle or fiberboard. It’s sturdier, lasts longer, and is higher quality in general.

If you want sturdiness and more design possibilities, framed cabinets are the way to go. For easier access and a more contemporary look, frameless is the cabinet for you.

You can learn more about framed vs frameless cabinets >>

Ideas For Kitchen Countertops

Granite is still the crowd favorite, but quartz is rising in popularity too. They look amazing, clean easily, and are very durable.

Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash

This one really comes down to personal taste: ceramic, marble, diagonal, laser cut, and more. There are many ideas for kitchen backsplashes, you just need to find the right look for your home. 

Kitchen Remodeling Acworth GA

Be Proud Of Your Kitchen

You don’t deserve a kitchen you don’t feel proud to let people see. Nobody does. It should look and work exactly how you want it to because the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

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