Kitchen Cabinets – How Much Do They Cost?

There are a few steps to consider when upgrading those old outdated kitchen cabinets.

First, you must collect the measurements of your kitchen. Then, consider the construction in your kitchen. Cabinets come in stock, semicustom, or custom units. These will vary in price depending on which you choose to use.

Stock is sold ready to install which is very practical. These are considered to be cheaper yet have a pretty stable quality. Stock cabinets will range anywhere between $75 and $400/ linear foot.

Semicustom are a bit more expensive than stock and are made from standardized sizes. Even though they are pricier, you have more options to choose from like woods, finishes, and special features. The cost for these average $150- $900/ linear foot.

Custom offers the most options. These come in different exotic woods, elaborate details, and period styles depending on your kitchen style. These will cost you a good $500- $1,400/ linear foot.

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