Kitchen And Bathroom Construction In East Lake Atlanta (New Design Work)

Kitchen And Bathroom Construction In East Lake Atlanta (New Design Work)

Would you be as in love with this new home In East Lake, Atlanta as Lisa is? Especially with the newly constructed kitchen and master bathroom.

Even though the rooms are in different parts of the house their modern design and appliances combine perfectly together. Lisa feels as though this unifies her home without whitewashing or overmatching it.

You can see these rooms in the video below:

You can also read Lisa’s stories below to see how she uses her kitchen to surprise her spouse and how she feels about her master bathroom.

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Cooking A Birthday Surprise In Your Newly Built Kitchen

It’s the perfect Saturday for Lisa to surprise her spouse with a birthday breakfast in bed.

Her socks slide comfortably across the ceramic tile floor as she walks into the kitchen, reminding her of Tom Cruise in “Risky Business“. The floor accent matches perfectly with the kitchen island, which she starts using to prepare this special breakfast. 

New kitchen construction in East Lake Atlanta

Everything is within easy reach or at least a step or two apart, an ideal design for making cooking easier for Lisa. The pancake batter, eggs, skillet, and utensils are out and on the tile countertop in no time. 

Also part of this same ideal design is the lights beneath the cabinets providing enough lighting for her to see exactly what her food looks like as she prepares it. The pendant light over the island covers that area and recessed lights in the ceiling covers the rest.

Lisa even has some natural lighting from the window, which she can open to help vent the kitchen.

Her dark Shaker cabinets are a beautiful offset to the rest of the kitchen. Their European style makes enough room to hold everything she needs, including the silverware and syrup she has yet to take out.

Lisa turns on the stove and starts whipping up a batch of pancakes and eggs. The stove hood is there for if her food starts really steaming.

Her chosen style of kitchen backsplash creates a beautiful background for cooking and the tile is more durable and easier to clean than drywall and paint.

The most fun part about this kitchen is probably the color-changing LED lights beneath the island. They can help set the atmosphere for any event from date night to dinner party (as can the full wine cooler).

Date night? Hmmm, what does that remind her of oohh no the pancakes and eggs! Almost forgot about them while looking around her beautiful new kitchen. Lisa saves them just in time, flipping them out onto a plate right next to a cup of orange juice. The last parts are the syrup and silverware which she did not forget to take out.

Now it’s time for a surprise birthday breakfast in bed.

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The Newly Constructed Bathroom

Double sink vanity with modern sinks

The sinks on the granite countertop vanity are raised bowls with stream-mouth faucets (this means it flows along the mouth before it drops down into the bowl). The full-length mirror reflects her image and the rest of this amazing new bathroom.

Beneath her feet are dark brown tiles that also have a slight wooden look to them, matching wonderfully with the shower.

The glass door shower has a wooden-stone look to the walls, with an almost mosaic accent to the floor and part of the wall. Lisa follows it as it creates a waterfall effect from the ceiling to the floor, even leading out into the bathroom itself. She also sees a shower niche perfect for her shampoos, soaps, and other shower items. 

The best part Lisa sees is the rain shower head hanging from the shower ceiling. Singing in her shower can be like singing in the rain.

What makes it even better is the LED lights in the shower head. Their color changes depending on the temperature of the water! Blue for cool, red for hot, and there may even be purple for lukewarm.

This means no more having to put her hand in to check if the temperature is right first.

Rain shower head with blue LED lights on it

Lisa loves her newly constructed bathroom because it provides the space she and her spouse need in a beautiful, relaxing environment.

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Love The Home You’re In

Do you love your kitchen and bathroom as much as Lisa loves hers? You can fall in love with these rooms again by making them more than just functional areas. Design them to be your ideal rooms, making your house feel more like home again.

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