Full Home Remodeling: A Whole House Remodel In Atlanta

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Full Home Remodeling: A Whole House Remodel In Atlanta

Fully Remodeling A House In Atlanta Into A Dream Home

This full home remodeling happens in Southeast Atlanta. What started out as a large home addition project ended up turning into a whole house remodel. Here you can see how MOG Design And Staging helped make this family’s dream home a reality.

“Oh my….”

Karen’s words hang in the air as she and her husband Chris stand outside of their new home as if rooted to the spot. It’s been a full 2 minutes since they got out of their car and they still haven’t made a move. It’s because their fully remodeled home is so beautiful:

Front of full house remodel in Atlanta

“Alright, that’s enough staring at the outside,” Chris finally says. “Let’s go inside and see how it looks now that it’s finally done.” “Ok,” whispers Karen. After a year-and-a-half, they are finally seeing their completed home.

Construction only took 10 weeks, the holdup was all the permits and the city not being very timely with them.

Chris takes Karen’s hand in his and gently leads her up to the front door. He opens it and sees…

An Open-Concept Style House Remodel

“Oh my…..,” repeats Karen.

“You can say that a third time for me hon,” Chris says distractedly. He’s busy staring at the open-concept style 1st floor in front of him:

They can see the kitchen, dining room, and living room without having to move from room to room. “Without the walls blocking everything our house seems, I don’t know, larger inside. It’s like one of those Harry Potter things where the inside is bigger than the outside,” Karen says, eyes shining with excitement.

“That’s pretty accurate dear, great reference,” Chris says as he moves forward.


“This kitchen is amazing,” Karen says, walking to catch up with Chris. 

“It all looks so new and cool, especially the little lights lining the underside of the island here,” Chris replies.

“Besides the look, with all this new equipment and space I can cook more easily, as can you. Can’t wait for more burnt salad,” Karen teases.

Newly remodeled kitchen after full home remodeling

Chris chuckles dryly, saying “Hey, new kitchen, new me. I might be able to cook something now, especially if you teach me.” “Deal,” Karen says with a smile. “Oooo the dining room is right here too!”

Dining room after the whole house remodel

Chris sits down on one of the chairs. “Comfy, yet without sinking down too far. I like it.” “I’m glad you approve dear,” Karen says, rolling her eyes. “Can’t believe that’s what he chooses to focus on,” she thinks, shaking her head.

While Chris is trying out the chairs, Karen walks into their new master suite. Chris raises his head to see her sprinting out of it towards him. All she does is grab his hand and pull, forcing him to follow.

Her reaction is worth it:

Master Suite After The Full Home Remodeling

Now it’s Chris’ turn to say “Oh my…”

“There’s just, so much space in here,” Chris says, slightly awed. “This room is warm and clean. The hardwood floors give it a warm and homey feeling while the dominating white color makes it seem clean and pure,” he thinks poetically.

Karen is too busy trying to pull him towards the master bathroom to notice his staring, which only gets wider when she finally gets him to see the master bathroom:

Master bathroom shower after a full home remodeling

“Can you believe,” says Chris softly, “that this is the bathroom we’re going to be using when we wake up in the morning?” Karen gently responds, “Almost, but not quite. It still hasn’t sunk in yet, you know?” Chris only nods in agreement. They walk over to the bed and sit down, Karen laying her head on Chris’ shoulder as they sit, taking in their new home.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional though this is a real project.

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