Home Objects That Aren’t Being Cleaned

Kitchen handles. While cooking, fridge doors and cabinets are being opened. Especially if handling raw meat or chicken, one must be careful to not spread any bacteria to other surfaces.

Toothbrush holder. This is one most people forget about. The bottom of toothbrush holders collects all the runoff water from the brushes after use and after a while it starts to create a moldy layer. To avoid this, sterilize the toothbrush holder by using soap and running it under hot water.

Computer devices. Our hands touch a lot of things throughout the day. When we use our computer devices such as a mouse or keyboard, we are transferring all those germs onto them.

Hand rails and door knobs. Hand railings and door knobs experience a lot of circulation and usually go unnoticed when cleaning the house. Try to scrub or wipe down regularly to keep those germs away.

Reusable shopping bags. These are great for the environment, but after using them for a while, they start to smell bad from groceries. These can even start growing mold from left over bacteria. You could put these in the washing machine.

Faucet. Believe it or not, faucets are the dirtiest appliance in your home. It is recommended to clean the handles and faucet every day with hot water and soap and rinse.

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