Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia.

Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia?Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

You can add a fabulous outdoor room by building a deck!

Your deck can provide a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the day, have cookouts on, and where you can enjoy being with the people you love most.

It can make it worth the cost of building a deck.

Everyone deserves to have space where they can enjoy the outdoors.

Decks are perfect for doing just that.

Let’s take a look at how much building one can cost.

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Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Deck?

Generally, the cost of building a custom, the pressure-treated wood deck starts around $35 per square foot.

Building costs for more elaborate decks can start around $50 per square foot.

This means a 10’ x 10’ deck can start costing anywhere from $3,500-$4,500.

But that’s more of an average cost.

You will run into a few factors that can change the price of building a deck.

Let’s take a look at a few.


Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia


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7 Factors That Can Change Your Deck Building Costs

1. Materials

You can use anything from cheap pine to extravagant composite.

But cheap materials can cost you more.

In the long run, you may spend more money on maintenance and repairs for cheap wood.

Cost To Build A Deck In GeorgiaPlus, it doesn’t always look as good.

Mahogany, cedar, and composite decks cost more, but they can last longer and look better.

It depends on when you want to pay for your deck.

2. Size

You might notice that more significant items usually cost more.

It’s the same with decks, but it can be almost extreme sometimes.

Even inches can increase the cost.

The reason is that those inches may need support from beneath, which means more building materials.

And more money.

If you don’t know why your deck is costing more, ask.Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

Your contractor should be able to give you the right answer

3. Site Conditions

Your backyard can help or hurt your deck building costs.

Backyards that are harder to build in are more expensive because they are harder to work in.

Your contractor may have to work around obstacles, dig through rock, go around gas lines, or who knows what else.

That takes more time and time is money.

4. Additions

Anything you want to add to your deck will cost more too. You can add latticework, benches, furniture, floor patterns, and so many other options.Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

Stairs cost extra as well.

If you need or want stairs for your deck that could add anywhere from $4,000-$6,000.

Adding on later is an option too if you want to save some building costs.

5. The Contractor

You could build it yourself and potentially save the right amount of money. But building a deck isn’t easy.

Professional contractors spend a long time learning the intricacies of constructing a deck, which is why better contractors cost more money.

They usually have a lot of experience, quality materials, and great workers. All of which cost a little more.

On the plus side, your deck is guaranteed to come with a 1-year warranty!

But, what could go wrong if you hire a cheaper contractor? It’s cost vs. quality.Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

6. Permits

Wait, you need permission to build on your property? It’s not great, but that’s the way it is.

Your deck is a home addition, and packs usually need a permit to be built. You or your contractor will be going through the city to get it.

And it costs money to get a permit.

Permits can come with:

  • Drawings
  • Side plans
  • City fees

All of which cost money and can add up to anywhere from $3,000-$5,000.

It’s one of those fees that people don’t usually know about. Just like our next factor.

Cost To Build A Deck In Georgia

7. Added Fees To Your Home

You can’t even escape taxes when building on your land.

Your property tax may increase after building a deck.

A tax assessor from the city will do a visual inspection and let you know if there is an increase.

Don’t forget about home insurance!

It may not cost more money upfront, but constructing a deck can increase your policy payment.

Speaking of insurance, make sure any contractor you may hire has their crews covered

Will It Be Worth The Cost?

It’s up to you and what you want your deck to be. You can have it just like a small area to escape outside on, or you can use it for hosting events and spending time with loved ones.

You can learn more on our deck and porch installation page >>



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