5 Of The Best Bathroom Remodelers In The Atlanta Area

5 Of The Best Bathroom Remodelers In The Atlanta Area

Jill’s Search For The Best Bathroom Remodelers In The Atlanta Area

Jill wants to add value to her bathroom, in more ways than one.

She has had the same bathroom for a few years now. It’s nice, fits most of her and her family’s needs, and has held up reasonably well. Not many people can say this about theirs. But it isn’t enough anymore. Jill has 3 problems with her bathroom:

  1. It’s no longer her personal oasis
  2. There are a few problems that need fixing
  3. It is out of date and the new upgrades are tantalizing (can you say heated floors)

Due to these issues, her bathroom is becoming just another room in the house. Thinking back, she remembers she would look forward to using it because it was like her personal escape. A place where she could find peace.

Now it’s just a bathroom to get ready in.

Jill is ready for something more than that. So she sits down in front of the computer and starts doing research on the best bathroom remodelers in the Atlanta area.

Here is who she finds.

Comfort-Creators LLC

From custom projects to general contracting, Comfort-Creators LLC can do it all. And they have. For the past 30 years. They have done some amazing work for their clients’ bathrooms and kitchens. They have set perfection as their standard and strive to meet it on every project. They guarantee you’ll love their work.

That sounds pretty great to Jill, but she doesn’t want to just pick the first company she finds.

1st Choice Remodel ATL

Your happiness is their #1 objective, and they will go the extra mile to see that you are. Their team has experience with everything from drywall to carpentry. Their bathroom work is great too. All of their projects are insured and come with warranties. Your dream is their reality.

Jill likes the sound of “turning her dream into a reality” but she still isn’t done researching.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Marietta

They do have 5 stars on Facebook! Their high ratings have to do with their high-quality craftsmanship. Canada is their birthplace but America seems to be where they have made their home (and where they want to make yours). They are a franchise, which is part of the reason why they can offer a wide selection of accessories and materials.

Jill isn’t totally sold yet, but she bookmarks the company site with the others.

Limitless Renovations Statewide, LLC

Limitless Renovations wants to bring your dream bathroom to life. As far as they can see the possibilities are limitless. They have helped hundreds of clients over the last 15 years and want to help you as well. You can expect a follow-up call regarding your feelings on their craftsmanship.

Jill loves the follow-up satisfaction call idea, but she wants to find one more company first.

MOG Improvement Services

Last year 140 families used our services to reignite their love for their homes again. They actually enjoyed the process too, mostly due to our dedicated customer service staff. All we want is for you to have your ideal bathroom, even if we aren’t a part of the process.

Wait a minute.
Jill notices that MOG is the same website she is on right now.
She isn’t sure how she feels about them rating themselves as one of the best bathroom remodelers in the Atlanta area.
She decides to bookmark them with the rest to see if they live up to their own standards.

There is a video of a bathroom installation project they did earlier in 2019. It’s in Westview, Atlanta and it looks amazing:

Which One Will Jill Choose?

Jill thinks all of them seem fantastic at first glance. Their work looks amazing and they all seem like great companies. Their reviews are top-notch too, especially the ones that mention great customer service. All she needs to do now is make some calls to see which one she wants to work with.

Hopefully at least one lives up to their reputation.





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