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Jack And Jill Bathroom Design Idea In Southeast Atlanta

Have you ever seen a jack and jill bathroom design idea that unleashes its full potential? It can be hard to find one, especially as they tend to be on the smaller side (or at least long one way and short another).

But, if done with creative ideas and a design-centric mindset, you can design an amazing jack and jill bathroom much like this one:

Let’s dive deeper into this jack and jill bathroom design idea.

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The New Bathroom Design Idea

This design for a 40 square foot bathroom is going to be a great way to remodel it for 2019. Let’s start with the bathtub/shower combo.

A new ceramic tub is now part of the shower. The beige wall tiles have a slight wood look to them, giving off a faux-natural vibe. There are also 2 mosaic accent lines near the bottom and top to help break up the look so it isn’t so uniform.

A small transom window is near the upper middle to let natural light in without exposing anything inside the bathroom.

There are also 3 niche storage spaces. One is almost level with the bathtub and has a shelf area on top while the other two are above that one, indented into the wall. They are perfect for storing any of your bathroom needs without putting them around the bathtub.

The ceiling is 10ft high so you don’t have to worry about anyone, even pro athletes, being too tall.

The vanity is also new. The cabinets are now white Shaker cabinets, meaning they have an indented middle panel with non-indented border (the video describes it better). The countertop is now made from granite.

Above this is a cedar-frame mirror with 3 mirror lights across the top. Over the toilet is 3 open wood shelves for any of your toiletry or decorative needs (even both if you wish).

Beneath all of this is a beautiful black tile flooring. Fewer grout lines mean easier cleaning and help provide a great contrast with the black tile. They also provide some grip for your feet to make it harder to slip.

To top it all off are new plumbing and electrical appliances.

This project takes us 10 days to complete and our client thinks the end result is worth the time and money.

How Does It Look?

We know our client’s opinion (as well as our own) and we would love to know yours too! All you need to do is write love it or hate it in the comments below.

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