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From Damaged To Decorative: Bedroom Remodeling In Cartersville, GA

Here is the video testimonial our awesome client Keith Hale shot with us about remodeling his daughters’ bedroom:

How many home improvement projects are lining up for your home? 

For Keith Hale, there are quite a few, but none more important than taking care of his daughters’ bedroom. The area where the chimney passes behind the wall and ceiling isn’t in great condition. The paint is peeling from a previous leak and the area where the ceiling meets the wall is starting to mold, a concern for any father:

Like any good parent, Keith doesn’t want any health issues appearing in his two toddler-age daughters due to the mold. It is starting to weigh on him that one day soon it might…

After some searching, he contacts MOG Home Improvement Services to see if they are the right contractor to solve his problem.

“When I first contacted MOG on the phone it was a good conversation that I had, short but high level…then i started receiving the automated responses and scheduling…that showed me that it’s more than just a quick fix handyman-type of operation.”
– Keith Hale

Starting the bedroom remodeling project in Cartersville

The walkthrough is what sells Keith on MOG. There is attention to detail and, most importantly, the focus is on solving his problem instead of trying to sell him anything.

Keith’s next step with us is to start the actual project and transform his girls’ bedroom!

The Good & Bad Of This Bedroom Remodel

Thanks to the automatic systems MOG has in place, Keith knows the crew is going to show up at 8 in the morning to start the project, not 7 or 7:30 because too early can leave people unprepared. This is also part of the crew not disturbing the family or neighbors, the peak of courtesy.

Plus the family can check out the room anytime they want. It is, after all, their home.

Automated responses and scheduling works awesomely with MOG

There is one incident early on when some debris is left on the ground, but that problem is quickly put to rest the next day when a dumpster shows up.

Keith asks us for a few favors during the project and we gladly help out, like an access door on the front porch and painting his cedar fence.

“We’re really pleased with how things turned out because we got actually several different things, projects, that have been kind of hanging over my head for years, even, taken care of.”
– Keith Hale

The end result of Keith’s bedroom remodeling project:

After bedroom remodeling project looking amazing

How Pleased Is Keith?

Keith and his family love their newly remodeled bedroom (though their daughters may not be old enough to appreciate it for a few years). In fact, they feel comfortable bringing us back to help them with their other projects! You may even be reading about one again soon…

Remember the question that starts this blog? We’d be interested in knowing how many home improvement projects you have lined up, all you would need to do is leave us a comment below.





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